less is more when it comes to exercise

If your hairstylist gave you the same haircut in half the time,would you complain?

more is less when it comes to exercise

more is less when it comes to exercise

I was recently asked by a media editor why I gave clients shorter than hour long sessions which is what the norm has been for so many years. Exercising should come with a goal whether that's building muscle, losing weight, improving endurance or anything else. If that goal could be achieved in shorter sessions, that could only be a good thing. That's because of the following 5 simple reasons:   

  1. Time: Shorter workout means getting your result faster giving you more free time to spend on other things.
  2. Intensity: Shorter workout allows you to reach and sustain intensity. You can’t sprint a marathon! 
  3. Hormones: Working out more than 45 mins has been associated with higher cortisol release linked to increased body fat percentage around the middle section.
  4. State of mind: Shorter and intense workouts offer people higher mental boost. Better mental health means less stress, more clarity and better attitude towards life.
  5. State of body: Short and intense workouts will preserve your muscle composition meaning lower body fat percentage and a healthier look.            

In fact, a workout could be as short as 10 minutes, similar to the 10-Day-Fat-Loss-Transformation drills, if the proper intensity, frequency and nutrition was to be followed. So, remember:

Your intensity counts more than the length of your workout!