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Nicholas Polo’s

10 Day Fat Loss Transformation

The 10 day fat loss transformation programme is the at-home translation of Nicholas Polo’s Method. It is  the ideal way to give your body a kick start to fat loss and it’s the perfect solution for devotees who do not live near and are willing to train remotely. The programme provides a 10 day holistic approach to fat loss through an efficient and effective combination of a plan that combines all in one: nutrition, workout plan, supplements and consultation.

As featured on MailOnline, Healthista and Metro, Nicholas Polo’s body transformation offers his clients an average of 5% loss in body fat in just 10 days!


The programme which can now be followed remotely at your local gym combines the following:

  • low GL nutrition

  • 10mins workouts

  • supplements

  • consultation


Step 1

The nutrition

For years the world has been told to eat low fat food and people were led to believe that fat made us fat, contributed to heart disease, led to diabetes and the list goes on. However as the world became more obese it became obvious that the rhetoric didn’t work because low fat meant more snacking on carbs and sugars which caused insulin levels to rise, hunger spikes and fat gain around the infamous middle section. On the other hand a diet high on healthy fat and no sugar means more stable blood sugar and less fat gain.        

The body uses the sugar from carbs as first source of energy. Once cutting the sugar intake from the diet the body starts burning the stored fat.  

The diet plan provided here is based on high protein and high fat while you give up carbs, alcohol, fruit and most vegetables, as they all contain sugar for just 10 days! In short:


The plan includes

  • 10 day low carb low sugar plan to kick start the stored fat burn
  • 10 day high protein plan to boost strength and allow muscle definition  
  • 10 day high fat plan to stabilize blood sugar levels


Step 2

The workout

Any diet plan works better when it’s coupled with exercise. While prolonged cardio has proven to burn not only fat but also muscle making people look aged and tired, short high resistance training gives the “fit” and “cut” look in fraction of the time.

The exercise plan included in the 10 day programme is based on daily 10-15 min intense resistance training workouts that aim to boost metabolism, increase strength and muscle definition and they can be followed at your local gym for just a few minutes a day.


The plan includes

  • High intensity workouts best for fat loss  
  • Resistance training that builds muscle definition
  • “Drop sets” routines for keeping workouts short and efficient


Step 3

The supplements

Sure enough nutrients are best when they come from food. However it is very difficult to get the dosage you need from food alone. A good supplement can only help you get there faster!

As the diet takes out certain food categories like fruits and some vegetables for 10 days it is recommended that those who follow the diet plan take some basic supplements to improve the outcome.  


The plan includes

  • Amino acid complex advice to boost metabolism
  • Antioxidant complex advice for higher energy levels
  • Performance complex advice for high intensity training
  • Digestive enzyme complex advice to fight bloating


Step 4

The consultation

To help ensuring you understand the programme, you follow it through as intended and get the results you are after, Nicholas Polo will walk you through the plan before the beginning of the 10 day period so that you are clear on what you have to do.

Success is the residue of good planning and a good plan needs proper execution!


The plan includes

  • Skype consultation before start
  • Before and after photos assistance to monitor progress
  • Before and after measurements assistance to monitor progress  


Step 5

The results

Fat loss and weight loss are not the same thing. There could be two people of the same weight and height but one of the two could have a much higher body fat percentage while the other person could be more “defined” and “cut”.

So forget the number on the scale and start looking in the mirror instead! The idea here is to get you stronger, healthier and fit! 


Impressive results even for the fit!


Step 6

The solution

Once you have completed the 10 day fat loss programme you can enrol in the remote training plan to ensure progress continues.